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Lack of data-led creativity the leading cause of wasted digital ad-spend, new IAB report finds

SINGAPORE – Poor data application in the creative process is leading to a significant wastage in digital ad spend, according to The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Singapore’s Measurement, Standards & Data Committee in its latest white paper, Creativity Inspired by Data.

As the region’s digital ad spend grows, consumer data has become a massive by-product for brands, but lack of training in digital and data related skills is a key barrier to campaign success.

Ogilvy’s key digital trends for 2018

By James Whatley, Planning Partner, Ogilvy UK

You can read the full report (as well as a review of last year’s trends) at bit.ly/OgilvyTrends2018 or join the conversation at the hashtag #OgilvyTrends2018. This year’s trends are:

  1. Augmented Reality Gets Real

  2. The End of Typing (kinda)

  3. The Tragedy of the Commons in Influencer Marketing

  4. The Amazon Awakening

  5. Seriously Serious (GDPR is coming).

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Creativity emanates from fertile human minds, and it is human to keep pushing creative boundaries. As digital technology and data-driven connections become more pervasive, we have no way out but to integrate them into the creative process.

With the rise of technology, big data, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, cybernetics in humans, and others, how does human creativity factor in to this new environment? Instead of being “taken over by robots”, humanity and creativity interacts with technology to forge new forms of creativity. 

The drive for digital transparency - WARC Toolkit 2018

GLOBAL - Digital transparency will be a key challenge for brands in the year ahead concludes WARC, the global marketing intelligence service, in its Toolkit 2018 - a report based on a survey of more than 600 marketing and advertising professionals around the world to obtain their outlook on the coming year. The findings are combined with the latest ideas, research and expert opinion from WARC.

Digital ROI catches up with fast-growing digital adspend - Zenith's Advertising Expenditure Forecasts

Amid growing debate as to whether brands are overspending on digital media, Zenith research has found that the effectiveness of internet advertising has now caught up with digital adspend.

Until 2015, brands struggled to make effective use of internet advertising, and their spend was not matched by the resulting ‘brand experience’ (an accurate proxy of market share*). However, by 2016 internet advertising accounted for 34% of global ad budgets but produced 35% of brand experience. Internet advertising is now therefore working harder than advertising in other media.

adoboLIVE! Chris Stephenson of PHD Media on the merging of technology and humans

PHD Media Strategic Planning Director Chris Stephenson talks about the "Merge", where technology and humans become inseparable. He mentions the five phases going into the Merge and the nine fundamental technologies that are present today and will continue to develop in the next phases.


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