Awards: Dissecting the winners of last year’s KCEA Pilipinas

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Everyone was caught by surprise last year with how COVID affected the whole world and changed the way businesses worked. However, Kantar found two things that held true even if the whole world was affected by this pandemic: consumers expected brands to continue advertising; and that their attitudes toward ads did not change. Instead of pushing back what was Kantar Philippines’ first ever Creative Effectiveness Awards, they decided to push through with the event. For Kantar, there was no better time than last year to inspire and to share the learnings from the top-ranking ads in the Philippines so that we could help each other rebuild and recover in this new life.


Christmas Category

Company: Jollibee Food Corporation
Brand: Jollibee Chickenjoy
Agency: Publicis Jimenez Basic
Ad: Comet 30s

Coming from a reality that Christmas is an important occasion for Filipinos, Kantar hoped that the winner of this category would inspire a new breed of Christmas ads at a time of crisis, when Filipinos needed inspiration the most.

From a proudly Filipino family brand, Jollibee was able to showcase the classic family togetherness with the warm, loving, and cheerful atmosphere in their Comet 30s ad, but they did not stop there. Even with a depiction of strong family values in such a beloved celebration for Filipino families, the brand was still able to build in the crisp and juicy sensory experience with the product which made consumers enjoy the ad even more.

Moms Category

Company: Nestle Philippines, Inc.
Brand: MILO
Agency: Publicis Jimenez Basic
Ad: Busy 15s

This category awarded the ad which was able to successfully communicate to moms and leave an impactful message which resonated with them.

Although MILO has been an established brand for decades, it was still able to create something new and worth paying attention to. The use of music was catchy, and the ad was on point and memorable. According to Kantar, Nestle did not just consider creating an ad that would pass the stringent Link lens, but they also redefined brand rituals by latching on to the formulaic favorites.

Adults Category

Company: Ginebra San Miguel, Inc.
Brand: Ginebra San Miguel
Agency: Aspac-DAN
Ad: One Ginebra Nation 60s

One Ginebra Nation

Ginebra San Miguel was able to create an ad that was not only visually stunning, but also impactful in its message. True to its spirit, the ad was as iconic as the brand and truly made a mark in the Philippines’ advertising scene. The use of the national spirit, music, creative for the brand, and the slice of life across the different parts of the country showcased what is great and inspiring about the Philippine spirit. Music was used very well, and in doing this, not once did Ginebra San Miguel lose sight of its branding despite its ad length.

What the winners had in common

There were several learnings that could be taken out of the top-ranking ads in the country last year, but the winners of the first ever KCEA Pilipinas shared a few similarities which drove them to become the best of the best: the use of music; experiential advertising; and strong brand devices.

  • Music. There was a certain force in the music to accomplish more than just to entertain. Certainly, these ads were all entertaining, danceable even so, but the music also aligned well with what the brands stand for. This enabled viewers to connect more to the causes of these brands, almost like an anthem that uplifts its audience.
  • Experience. More than just product demonstration, the ads that were found strongest in the Philippines were those that accentuated the experience with the product. The use of sensory elements in food products, for example, would make ads more appealing to consumers.
  • Brand devices. The strongest ads were able to successfully link consumers back to the brand. Having established brand cues even if the brand and the logo are not exposed are key in creating impactful advertising that would also build onto succeeding advertising for the brand.

Just a few weeks away, Kantar is excited to award the new winners of this year’s Creative Effectiveness Awards Pilipinas. This will be held through a virtual awards event on May 19, Wednesday.

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