Campaign Spotlight: “Fashion to Love Longer”, the moving promise from AIGLE and Rosapark

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PARIS, FRANCE – Jumping into puddles during recess, wearing those famous rubber boots. Finishing up the snowball fight before dinner’s ready, wrapped up in your big sister’s jacket. Galloping on sandy beaches, running under raindrops, sheltered by that iconic yellow parka. It’s undeniable, AIGLE is one of those brands who’s with us our whole lives, from childhood on.

AIGLE | Pour tous les temps et pour longtemps – Collection AH20

Watch the english version here.

A strong brand relationship, strengthened by a product reality – AIGLE’s products are functional, resistant, durable, timeless. So, when these boots, jackets, and parkas are handed down from one generation to the next, they become emotional legacies, filled with childhood memories.

In an era that is at once consumerist and ever more eco-minded, AIGLE embodies proof that anyone can be fashionable without having to restock their closet every year. This is the legacy behind a new brand campaign from AIGLE and its agency ROSAPARK that will awaken old memories. Strengthened by its universality, its craftmanship and its beautifully retro ritornelle (Les Bateaux – Pépite), the film turns to the story of one sister handing down her jacket to her sister. Above all, the sentimental film marks the brand’s commitment, affirmed by its signature: “Fashion to love longer”; a substantive promise to a public ever more demanding of meaningful sustainability.

“Creating this film for AIGLE, a brand legacy par excellence, was really exciting. We illustrated a product claim through the prism of a fraternal story that I hope will speak to as many people as possible. Emotion, yes, but what I would like people to retain is this message of sustainability, the cornerstone of this campaign” explains Jean-François SACCO – co-founder of ROSAPARK.

With Réalité (BIG PRODUCTIONS), a Franco-Spanish director duo, behind the camera, the film’s rhythm and its nuances intensify as the film progresses. Experts in the art of storytelling with a modern touch, Réalité captures emotions without ever going overboard. Finally, the strategic choice of the 4/3 format echoes our childhood memories and helps the audience to naturally identify with the story.

The campaign will be amplified in digital and on social networks with the hashtag #LesPetitsMotsdeAigle (TheLittleWordsofAigle). On Instagram, the brand will give Internet users the opportunity to rewrite the end of the film by providing them with the little blank note on which they can tag their brothers, sisters, or friends, for the chance of winning the famous AIGLE jacket.


Aigle CEO: Sandrine Conseiller
VP Marketing & Branding: Nadine Cottet
Image Director: Aurélie Saint Martin
Brand Activation Manager: Eva Hicheri

Co-founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg et Jean-François Sacco
Creative Team : Alexandre Delvert & Cyril Haoual
Managing Director : Delphine Drutel
Development Manager : Camille Courant
Account Manager : Tanguy Hercouet
Strategic Planner : Louise Imbert
Social media manager : Cassandre Geron
Head of Production : Elodie Jonquille
TV production : Jean-François Wang
Communications Director : Lauren Weber

Director : Realité
DOP : Lucas Casanovas
Prod : Kasia Staniaszek
DOP : Driss Lumbroso
Post Production : FIRM
Sound Production : KOUZ
Music : Pepite – Title : « Les Bateaux »

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