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adobo Talks | Jollibee and McDonald’s, “Ingat Angat Tayong Lahat”

Margot Torres , Managing Director, McDonald’s Philippines Francis Flores, JFC Philippines Country/Regional Marketing Head and Jollibee Philippines Marketing Head #adoboTalks: For the first time...

adobo Talks POV x The Shoot Must Go On: The State of TV Commercial...

#adoboTalksPOV: Advertising is not a stranger to disruption, but 2020 with its unprecedented challenges and global impact has managed to upended the commercial film industry as we know it.

adobo Talks x Gerety Awards 2020 Jury Insights

#GERETY2020: The Gerety Awards is one of the only awards to go ahead this year, and with an all-female jury. The Gerety 2020 Grand Jury includes some of the world’s greatest #agency and #brand leaders, who have recently voted and choose the gold silver bronze and Grand Prix, announced October 19.

adobo Talks x A Creative Rockstar and His Life Crisis

In hindsight, a creative partner and stage rockstar has it all. Herbert Hernandez, together with his team in GIGIL, the mastermind behind the ads that have made you laugh such as the gaining marketing maven of Orocan, Dok Internet, and made you cry— Levi's studs—seem to have it all figured out.

Nurturing Creativity for a Curious Future

Now that we've rolled with the punches in a turbulent 2020, it’s time to put the creative muscle we’ve exercised to good use. #Creativity has filled the gaps in unexpected ways— from companies’ digital transformation, to knowledge-sharing within communities, or even re-calibrating teams to work-from-home. We look back at how creative solutions carried us through the world under social distancing.

The Challenge of Being Creative

#Events: For creatives, a challenge imposes limits to what we can do short-term. Of course, there are band-aid remedies but in order to properly resolve challenges, we should confront reality. We discuss how to turn artistic uncertainty into creative innovation.

adobo Talks | POV “The Reset Button on the Ad Business”

As the business of creativity rises in the center of discussion, adobo magazine takes on the lead of the narrative. Built on the foundation of adobo’s 14 years as the undisputed word on creativity, this series of episodes is curated to provoke debate about the major business issues of the day.

Can Creative Experts Drive Business?

#Events: In a time of rapid change business momentum can be gained by #creativeleaders driving innovation. We invite experts in their field to answer Can Creative Experts Drive Business?

Epicode 08 | Unlocked & Loaded

This serves as the culminating event for our eight-part Millennial Codes Unlocked: Lockdown Edition (Webinar) series co-produced by Havas Media Ortega and adobo magazine to help marketers and creatives understand just what motivates this generation and how they cope with lockdown.

Epicode 07, “Save The Best For Later”

Born into the era of mobile technology, millennials are never short in their arsenal of service and shopping apps. They are masters of their coin, and believe in the 7th Millennial Code: Trust In The Cloud. They get their parents on board to keep them safe and indoors, but also for their own personal economic reasons. After all, when the crisis blows over, millennials will be released back into their natural habitat. And that would need real resources.

Time To Empower Your Creativity? Webinar To Empower Creatives

Creativity is both a business and a lifestyle. In our webinar session, independent creatives share how they have navigated the road to success, turning lifestyle into business — or vice versa — and eventually becoming recognized names and experts in their craft. What doors opened for them? What skills did they need to make the climb?

Epicode 06 | “Saving All My Love…For Whom?”

While everything is on hold, the desire for love and romance is not on lockdown. Still millennials are, in a way, in LDRs. Technology takes this to the next level. With quarantine measures in place, this is a test of Millennials’ approach to developing, maintaining, and terminating relationships. It is the 6th Millennial Code, "Reformat. Reboot. Delete.", in action.

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