Consumer electronics sites most viewed by Filipinos on mobile

THE PHILIPPINES, OCTOBER 24 2011 - Effective Measure, the leading provider of digital media planning solutions in emerging markets, today reported that Consumer Electronics and Technology websites in Philippines were the most viewed on mobile - with a significant 12% of web pages in this category viewed on mobile devices in September, a 7% increase from the ‘All Categories’ monthly average.
Top 10 Consumer Electronics and Technology websites viewed on mobile in the Philippines
Effective Measure SEA Regional Director, Russell Conrad, said,  “Consumer Electronic sites performed well above all categories, highlighting the Filipino audience’s keen interest in electronic products.
“With almost 40% of Filipinos polled saying they access the Internet from their mobile phones, we expect to see a steady increase in page views from mobile across more categories looking ahead - in line the increasing popularity of newly released smartphones such as iPhone 4S.
“As most Filipinos users regard themselves as  ‘Mavens’ - inquisitive, information seekers, mobile-friendly content will be warmly welcomed if made easily available and engaging,” said Conrad.
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