Brand & Business: Introducing “Mirrors Safe,” Silverpush’s AI-powered brand suitability platform that weeds outs harmful content

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SINGAPORE – Silverpush, a leading AI-powered technology solutions company, announced the launch of its new brand suitability platform Mirrors Safe.

This product forms a part of the company’s computer vision-enabled video intelligence product suite, which aims to transform how some of the world’s largest brands reach their most engaged audience in a brand-safe environment.

According to a 2019 study by Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) and Brand Safety Institute (BSI), 80 percent of customers will stop or reduce buying products that place advertisements across harmful or offensive content, while around 70 percent blame the brand or the agency for such placement.

Through the use of AI-powered in-video context detection, Mirrors Safe transcends challenges of traditional brand safety measures like keyword-based technologies and whitelisted channels.

Mirrors Safe’s advanced algorithm uses five parameters — namely, engagement, safety, influence, relevance, and momentum — to calculate a comprehensive brand suitability score, that measures not only the safety and suitability of the content, but also of the page and the channel.

“What sets Mirrors Safe apart is its ability to custom define the scope of harmful contexts that are unique to every brand,” said Kartik Mehta, CRO at Silverpush.

“Thus, helping brands move beyond just brand safety to a truly brand-suitable environment. This is limited with existing keyword and natural language processing (NLP) based blanket exclusion technologies, as these often fail to understand the complex undertones and various contexts words can be used for.”

To know more about how Mirrors Safe can protect your brand against harmful video environments, visit

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