Digital: Kumu partners with TAPE Inc.’s Eat Bulaga to bring BIDA FIRST to the live-streaming generation

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Social entertainment app kumu has partnered with TAPE Inc.’s variety show Eat Bulaga to launch Bida First: Isang Tawag Ka Lang! This is the first official partnership between the fastest growing social app in the country and the country’s longest-running variety show in Philippine history.

Bida First: Isang Tawag Ka Lang is one of Eat Bulaga’s most popular segments where home viewers must call a phone number in order to win cash prizes. This segment premiered on 24 June 2021 and airs daily on Eat Bulaga! “We’re very excited to partner with Eat Bulaga to bring these fun interactive concepts to the app,” says Angelo Mendez, co-founder and head of kumu Social TV. “Both kumu and Eat Bulaga thrive on authentic audience-driven entertainment, and we can’t think of a better partnership than a segment that has constantly been bringing laughter and joy to people’s homes.”

Through this exciting partnership, Eat Bulaga offers another opportunity for viewers to win prizes (cash & kumu coins) straight from their homes. The variety show has been exploring new strategies to bring their television concepts to the digital world.

In the segment, the hosts in the studio provide a phone number by revealing each of its 11 digits gradually and wittily. Once the entire phone number has been revealed, the first home viewer who calls the number wins cash and other prizes from the sponsors. Game show audiences eagerly prepared to be quick and on their feet to dial the numbers and call. Home viewers may also guess the missing digits before the entire phone number is revealed by the hosts.

Once a lucky caller is able to get through, they must first state the passphrase “Legit Dabarkads ako!” in order to ensure their victory. The lucky winner is then presented with cakes that hold different cash prizes. The home viewer wins the cash prize inside the money cake s/he selects. “We’re very excited to bring these variety show concepts to kumu and introduce them to a new generation. Eat Bulaga has been one of the longest-running variety shows in history and we can’t wait to bring these fun experiences to the next generation,” says Mendez.

Catch Bida First; Isang Tawag Ka Lang on Kumu live starting November 25, Thursday. Schedule: Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays at 6 pm on @eatbulaga kumu account. TV airing: Monday to Friday at 12 noon and Saturday at 11:30 am.

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