Digital: Spotify reminds users of the different free features its app has for an enjoyable experience at zero cost

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Spotify has launched a campaign in Southeast Asia focusing on the plethora of built-in features for the free version of its app. Created for audiences in Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand, the campaign by Spotify’s very own in-house creatives will be live across digital and social, with creative execution guiding users through simple ways to make the most of the world’s largest audio streaming app at zero cost.

PH Digital Video Spotify Free Tier Campaign Connect


To drive awareness of Spotify’s free offering, the campaign demonstrates how using the ‘Search’ and ‘Browse’ features on the app can open up a world of audio-content possibilities with Spotify’s more than 50 million tracks and 1 million podcast titles. It also explores moments that Spotify can enhance from cooking or working-out to gaming or needing that K-Pop fix.  

Other features of Spotify’s Free offering include: 

  • Radio: Pick an artist and hit ‘Radio’ – Spotify automatically plays songs by that artist and those similar
  • Playlist Extender: When users start making their own playlists, Spotify suggests other songs users might like, based on their listening behavior
  • On-Demand playlists: Select playlists that can be played in any order with the ability to skip tracks 
  • Spotify Connect: Connect easily to speakers, laptops, gaming consoles and more at home via wi-fi by viewing the “devices available” option.

“With so much content available on Spotify, knowing where to start can be daunting. This campaign helps take users back to basics and shows them all the benefits of using Spotify to discover great music and podcasts for free,” said Jan-Paul Jeffrey, Head of Marketing, SEA at Spotify. “I personally love using the Radio feature when there is a particular artist I am in the mood for. And Spotify Connect has been keeping my music and podcasts playing whether I am in the living room listening through my speakers or working out using my phone.” 

PH Digital Video Spotify Free Tier Campaign Radio


Spotify has teamed up with local content creators to demonstrate how these features bring the right audio into different parts of their day. Over the coming weeks, Alodia Gosengfiao, mimiyuuuh, Gretchen Ho, and Judy Ann’s Kitchen will take to their social media channels to demonstrate and share how they’re soundtracking their days with their favorite audio on Spotify.

On these collaborations, the Spotify team shared “In the Philippines, we have partnered with influential creators and established media publishers across digital and social to demonstrate how Spotify’s breadth of audio content can enrich everyday moments, encouraging discovery of your next favourite song, artist or playlist according to different moods and genres. These range across a wide gamut of daily applications – gaming, lifestyle, cooking, fitness – which are quintessential elements of Filipino culture.

“With features like Spotify Connect, which keeps music and podcasts playing whether you’re working out with your phone, cooking in the kitchen while listening through speakers or playing your favourite game on a console – users can access great audio content anytime, anywhere.”

PH Digital Video Spotify Free Tier Campaign Cooking


Spotify has also partnered with various media platforms and outlets to share the campaign: “Content which was live from the week of June 8 – 12 include: Yugatech & Sulit Tech Reviews, showcasing tips and tricks to access the features on Spotify that users might not know of (yet!); WheninManila explores the wonderful world of podcasts on Spotify which offers audio content on almost any curiosity-fuelled topic; demonstrates how podcasts can level up your workout motivation; recommends playlists to enhance the ‘comfort’ in comfort food and shows how productivity can be boosted with the right audio. Catering to different moods and moments throughout the day, once users start creating playlists, Playlist Extender suggests other songs that users may like based on listening behaviours.”

The campaign will be live until the end of June. 

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