Media: BBC partners with adobo magazine for educational program “My World”

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES– Creativity is constantly shaped by the key events that take place in history. Pieces in media, particularly in advertising, are influenced by trends and social issues.

To further this, BBC World News in partnership with adobo magazine, has extended its new show for young audiences to include digital content relating to the pandemic. “My World” will provide an insight into the lives of young people across the globe, tackling topics of international importance. The program is co-produced by BBC and Microsoft Education and executive produced by Angelina Jolie.

Playlist: Full Programme

“All of us who have come together on this project feel a great responsibility towards young people. We want to make sure that we are able to put forward a news programme that helps to give them a broad view of the world they live in and the issues they face, and that helps connect them to other children around the world,” Jolie commented.

BBC has always been a champion for helping people understand and engage with the world around them through impartial news. Its charter to raise awareness of the different cultures and alternative viewpoints that make up society is exhibited in the program.

Similarly, adobo magazine has always been at the forefront of creativity by covering the latest events and and upcoming trends—shaping the constantly changing media landscape. Collective home-learning being unique to this generation, BBC has taken the opportunity to document how teenagers are navigating their ways through the pandemic. The show is composed of vlogs, clips, and interviews of teenagers all over the world.

Apart from current affairs, one of the key component of the show is media literacy; dedicating a part of the program to show how news is made, gathered and verified. In partnership with Microsoft Education, the program aims to teach young people how to be good consumers of the news and raise their awareness about global issues.

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