Digital: Learning and Working From Home – Upskilling Opportunities to Take Advantage of and Organizations Showing Creative Support as Business Copes with COVID-19 Concerns

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    MANILA, PHILIPPINES – Though the world feels out of whack and everyone is still finding normalcy despite the global pandemic, the enhanced community quarantine conditions could be the perfect opportunity to learn something new or improve skills you’ve always wanted to hone. To help the creatives out there who want to learn from home, we’ve compiled a list of pages, groups, and communities that are offering up upskilling opportunities either for free or a fraction of what they would normally cost. Below is also organizations showing some support to displaced creatives.

    While you’re in between con-calls, virtual presentations, or household chores, here are pages you can browse through to level up:


    1. Creative Capital’s List of Arts Resources


    Turning to online workshops and webinars, Creative Capital has opened up its platform as a channel for creatives to find classes hosted by known creatives and creative groups that they can join. The resource was made in response to creatives losing work across the U.S. as COVID-19 continues to spread.


    2. Creative Review’s Go-To Guide for Creative Support


    Free portfolio reviews, premium access to Skillshare, and chat groups with creative discourse? Count us in. U.K.-based Creative Review built a resource where individuals can have an active conversation with other creatives, and help uplift each other. The page also has free access to webinars and online courses.


    3. YouTube #LearnAtHome, #StayHome


    Partnering up with Khan Academy and select YouTubers. the video streaming giant created a dedicated page on its website which contains resources for people to learn just about anything – whether that’s mastering the Photoshop, getting better at writing, even learning a new language. Content is fit for all ages, whether you’re an up and coming creative blazing new trails for advertisers, or a grade schooler missing out on fun learning because classes have been canceled.


    4. Khan Academy


    Speaking of Khan Academy, the non-profit organization is a great resource of knowledge for learners of any age. Whether you’ve got kids who need extra lessons while in primary school, or an adult learner looking to study something new. They’ve also been doing livestreams with special guests, as seen in the post above.


    5. Offshoot Gallery and Tarzeer Picture’s Online Gallery


    6. Acer and Google Educator Group Philippines


    As many educational institutions are facing temporary campus closures due to COVID-19, Q Software Research (QSR), Google Educator Group Philippines, and Acer will be conducting a series of free and public webinars to help teachers implement distance learning strategies in their respective classes. This is intended for the schools and educators who need to continue with their curriculum, be connected with their students, and maintain productivity despite not being in one physical classroom together.

    If you’re a musician or an artist, you can have your works exhibited at the Offshoot’s online gallery where art and music will be paired together. Visuals can include photos, artwork, video clips, and the like, while audio can include music, sound art, and more. Signup is free, and deadline for submissions is April 14, 2020. Artists will be asked to pledge to donate to charities that are supporting COVID-19 relief efforts.


    Meanwhile, if you’re a creative who lost some work due to the lockdown, here are groups and pages to help you keep involved:



    The page created a survey on creatives and artists who lost work due to the pandemic, and is open to all sorts of disciplines – whether you’re a performer, a musicians, independent filmmakers, makeup artists, or even creative hub owners. On the page, people will also find resources on educational opportunities and possible gigs.


    2. BOMB Magazine’s Artist Resource


    The BOMB Magazine has put up a list of foundations, associations, and institutions who are distributing grants to creatives whose works have been affected by the ongoing global pandemic. They’ve also listed down companies such as Adobe who are extending subscriptions for licenses that are about to expire.


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