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NEW YORK, USA — With a 21 percent increase in entries this year, the AME Awards announced the 2020 award winners, including 4 Regional AME Platinum Awards, 23 Gold AME Awards, 35 Silver AME Awards, 27 Bronze and 24 AME Finalist Certificate Awards.

In the Asia Pacific region, Overman South Korea was given with the AME Regional Platinum Award – Asia Pacific for “100 Words Pain_ting” for Save the Children.

The campaign fought verbal abuse and increased Save the Children’s presence as a children’s rights NGO by featuring paintings created by children that illustrated hurtful words in an online exhibition and 31 offline exhibitions in 15 cities.

It garnered 45 million earned media impressions and a 1.55 million exhibition audience. A 5933 percent surge in site traffic saw the brand top of mind jump from 4th to 2nd. “100 Words Pain_ting” earned 3 additional AME Gold Awards and 4 AME Silver Awards.

While VMLY&R Sydney’s “McPickle: our most successful social moment, without spending a cent” for McDonalds earned the AME Gold Award.

A single video of the “McPickle” was posted on Facebook and Instagram with zero media spend, showcasing an absurd number of pickles and stipulating that it was “available until yesterday. The April Fool’s prank resulted in over 500 million impressions equivalent to more than $12 million of PR value and $4 million in advertising.

Finally, McCann Health China was given the AME Gold Award for Breath of Life for client SmithGlaxoKline.

COPD is one of the main causes of death in China, out of 100 million sufferers less than 15 percent are properly diagnosed. Collaborating with a Pulmonologist and a popular Chinese blowing-ink artist a patented COPD self-test awareness tool was created that was downloadable via WeChat. Registering 70 percent on the awareness tools alerts users to undergo a check-up. In the one-month pilot, 10,000 people used the mini program.

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