New Business: Modelo selects Grey Group as new agency of record

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NEW YORK, USA — Constellation Brands has selected Grey Group as the agency of record for the Modelo brand family, including flagship Modelo Especial- the #2 beer in the United States in dollar sales (2021 Calendar YTD through 10/3/21 – IRI POS, Total US MULO + C).

Beginning later this month, the integrated team will take over brand strategy and creative development across all key channels including Social, positioning the brand to address consumer needs amid a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

“Constellation is excited to partner with Grey to drive the Modelo creative work to the next level, reflective of the brand’s leading position in the industry and with consumers,” said Jim Sabia, EVP and Managing Director, Constellation Brands Beer Division. “Grey’s mantra is “Famously Effective” which encapsulates what the Fighting Spirit Campaign has achieved thus far and where we believe it can go as this brand continues to foster a strong emotional connection with an engaged audience.”

“Grey’s roster of both blue-chip CPG companies – P&G, Coca-Cola, and Kellogg’s – and innovative, future-focused tech leaders – Google, YouTube, and Netflix – showcases their ability to drive culture and talk value through the power of creative ideas,” says Sabia. “We are most excited to build a distinct model unique to Modelo, utilizing Grey’s bench of world-class talent and a borderless model across the key markets that reflect Modelo’s core audience.”

Grey will run the business out of its flagship New York office while tapping into talent across key markets for Modelo, including Los Angeles, and utilizing its teams in Mexico to ensure brand authenticity remains paramount.

“Modelo is one of the most authentic and iconic brands in the category, with no end in sight to its current incredible momentum,” said Justine Armour, Chief Creative Officer, Grey New York. “To have the opportunity to work with Modelo – at this stage in its business journey, building on the brand’s existing success and helping position it to capitalize on the runway ahead – is as good as it gets for us at Grey, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

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