Insight: Marketing leaders share learnings in Outernet Media Playbook

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA — The Outernet Marketing Innovation Group (OMIG), an industry initiative by global ad-tech company Moving Walls and The Association of Advertising and Marketing Singapore (AAMS) have launched a playbook to share their learnings from running creative and innovative Out-Of-Home (OOH) campaigns in 2021. 

The Outernet refers to every media opportunity to engage audiences when they are outside-the-home. The OMIG group, which brought together more than 25 marketing leaders from brands across Asia, was designed to chart the future of Outernet marketing by running pilots using planning, buying, and measurement technology provided by Moving Walls.

The OOH industry has faced many challenges due to various lockdown restrictions brought by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, this has also accelerated the adoption of data by the various stakeholders – those who own the assets and those who advertise on them.

Not only does the playbook offer insights on what the marketeers do to optimise their OOH campaigns during planning and execution, but it also features actual campaign results. 


The ‘Outernet’ will be shaped by the Early Adopters

OMIG members were given Moving Walls’ technology platform ‘Moving Audiences’ to plan their campaigns using audience and location data to derive the best possible strategy to yield better results. They were able to access a registry of assets, select in-built or custom audiences segments and at the same time analyse site-level audiences data to match their campaign requirements and ensure reach efficiency. 

The playbook offers a perspective on the strategies used by the marketing innovators in planning and executing their campaigns to drive efficient outcomes. The Outernet media landscape has shown that a majority of growth is being driven by digital brands, who now form the bulk of the top 10 highest DOOH spenders. 

The Outernet playbook to deliver efficient outcomes is based on three pillars:  

  • Outernet Media Today – DOOH or digital out-of-home advertising includes any physical media sites that reach “Moving Audiences” and can be programmed to serve digital visuals. OOH, particularly Digital OOH (DOOH) has witnessed significant development in technology, which is leveling up its playing field aligned to other digital channels. 
  • OOH Measurement Technology – With the capability to leverage geolocation data for attribution, targeting, and measurement, marketers can now build a more comprehensive picture of the movement of their audiences, it is no surprise DOOH remains one of the fastest-growing advertising channels. 
  • Case Studies – This playbook will showcase some innovative Outernet campaign executions done by OMIG innovators. These will cover different aspects of the campaign journey including Planning, Delivery, Measurement, and Verification. The playbook looks at the various formats the campaign was executed on like programmatic, dynamic weather triggers, blockchain, static and digital combination, retail advertising, and more. 

Gain instant access to the playbook today by downloading a free copy here

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