Brand & Business: VMLY&R Philippines Celebrates First Foundation Day with Ecobricks Philippines, Spreading its Plastic Pollution Awareness Program

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One year into its launch as a global brand experience agency, VMLY&R celebrates its foundation day by giving back to the community. With the theme “We are VMLY&R: Connecting Hearts, We Are One”, more than 80 offices worldwide joined hearts and hands as they devoted time and talents to their chosen charitable passions. The Philippine office of the VMLY&R network organized visits to different schools throughout Metro Manila to spread knowledge and awareness on the production and use of Ecobricks.

Plastic pollution has always been a primary concern for the agency. This has led the agency to collaborate with renowned voice artist, Ms Ami Yamasaki last year, for a one-of-a-kind performance that raised awareness for this cause. Working with Power Plant Cinemas, Ms Yamasaki channeled the sounds of nature and projected the surround soundscape using Dolby Atmos technologies. The performance has given the agency, on its first year as VMLY&R Philippines, their first ever Gold in the Kidlat Awards, and a host of other metals in various award shows, most recently a Bronze at Spikes Asia.

This year, the agency intensifies its plastic pollution awareness program by promoting the building of Ecobricks. Single use plastics are cleaned, collected, and packed into used plastic bottles, turning them into “bricks” that can be used as building blocks for furniture, houses, schools, benches, walls and decorations.

Partnering with Ecobricks Philippines, the agency Ecobrick advocates conducted workshop sessions in various schools around the Metro – at the Immaculate Conception Academy, The Abbas Orchard, Rainbow Room Learning Center, The Spurgeon School, and Aheadstart Child Development Center, Inc. The busy school day concluded with the agency advocates turning some 200 kids into new Ecobrick warriors.

VMLY&R Philippines’ birthday celebration capped off with the launch of the EcoDrop, a special plastic collection station. With Christmas in the Philippines starting as early as September, holiday online shopping has brought with it the inevitable accumulation of clutter from plastic packaging. The EcoDrop, situated in the agency’s building pin dropoff, is designed to encourage delivery recipients to strip their packages of the plastic and to drop them into the collection station, to be used for future Ecobricking projects.

“We are all about creating connected brand experiences, and now, with our chosen support of various community foundations, the offices of VMLY&R are all about connecting hearts as well. Day in and day out, our goal in the agency is to give the greatest positive impact for the content that we create, and today, our foundation day, is certainly no exception.” says Ags Chuapoco, General Manager, VMLY&R Philippines.

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