Campaign Spotlight: #MixResponsibly with Absolut Vodka this summer

With Americans ready to socialize this summer, Absolut empowers consumers to keep responsibility at the center of summer reconnecting

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NEW YORK, USA — In person connections are making a comeback this summer as the world moves offscreen. But, the pandemic is still impacting spots across the country and a recent survey, conducted by KRC Research on behalf of Absolut, found that over half of adults (56%) have not talked to their friends about their social distance expectations, and among those planning to go on in-person dates, 47% don’t expect to.

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This is why the brand known for mixing cocktails is emboldening people to keep respect in the mix with the launch of Drink Responsibly, #MixResponsibly – a rally cry for fans to boldly broadcast their boundaries, openly and honestly. Because no matter how you choose to connect this summer, it’s important to acknowledge that everybody mixes a little differently these days.

“Before the pandemic, people were uncomfortable establishing and expressing boundaries with both those closest to them and strangers alike,” said Pam Forbus, SVP, Chief Marketing Officer for Pernod Ricard North America. “The last year and a half changed that, having forced people to draw lines in the sand, figuratively and literally. Absolut’s #MixResponsibly campaign is meant to encourage continued communication of people’s physical and emotional boundaries, as we embrace new social freedoms and enjoy the summer season.”


While the past year was full of drastic ups and downs, it also provided a moment of reflection and re-establishment of personal boundaries. With 59% of Americans under the age of 35 planning to go on in-person dates this summer, Absolut is empowering everyone – from long-time friends to those embarking on a first date – to approach post-pandemic life and relationships open and honestly. The vodka brand will release a limited-edition #MixResponsibly collection made up of shirts, tanks and bucket hats that will feature Absolut Summer Comeback Statements, a series of cheeky statements designed to help anyone broadcast their boundaries this summer, whether mixing a cocktail or with one another. Absolut Summer Comeback Statements are co-created with bold cultural voices like Serena Kerrigan, a notable dating expert who redefined dating during a pandemic and certified “queen of confidence”, and Michaela Jaé (Mj) Rodriguez, an Emmy nominated American singer and actress known for her groundbreaking role in Pose. Fans who are ready to own their self-expression and communicate their comfort level confidently can purchase their must-have merchandise at

Additional key survey findings include:

  • 71% of American adults spent time in a social setting in the past two weeks, with restaurants being the most popular destination.
  • 94% of American adults are continuing to practice social distancing in some form, and 62% say they’re social distancing “always” or “often”.
  • Half of American adults plan to go on in-person dates this summer. Among those planning to go on in-person dates, nearly half (47%) are not planning to talk about their social distancing preferences ahead of time.
  • In instances where social distancing and mask use preference are discussed, the majority are not willing to change their plans based on their friends’ expectations or behaviors around social distancing (62%) and mask use (61%).

“Absolut’s Summer Comeback Statements were created to help fans playfully, yet respectfully communicate their level of comfort when interacting with others. There is a lot of anticipation heading into this summer and it’s important that people are able to openly share how they #MixResponsibly” said Forbus.

“Drink Responsibly. #MixResponsibly” is the fourth in a series of campaigns for Absolut that tackles the many aspects of responsibility and how it intersects with the most important, culturally relevant issues of the day. The campaign launched with digital and social content, as well as a :15 TVC, earlier this month. The limited-edition Absolut Summer Comeback Collection is part of a donation to GLAAD, an ongoing partner of Absolut and an organization at the forefront of cultural change and accelerating acceptance for the LGBTQ+ community.

Absolut is a brand with a long tradition of sparking cultural conversations and advocating for a more open and inclusive world. The latest iteration of the Drink Responsibly platform builds on the message of the previous campaigns – #SexResponsibly and #LoveResponsibly – taking a stand on the issue of consent and putting respect at the center of the conversation. Absolut is also proud of its parent company, Pernod Ricard USA, and its support of the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (, which has worked to produce a 29% reduction in underage drinking over the last decade through impactful programs like BAC Calculator: The Virtual BarStarts with Me and Drive like you Give a #&%!

To learn more about our campaign and to find the full slate of Absolut Summer Comeback Statements, visit

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