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adoboLIVE! Lendy Tayag, Fan Designer for the LEGO Ideas Voltron at ABRICKADABRA 2018

At the recent ABRICKADABRA event of the Philippine LEGO Users Group (PHLUG), Lendy Tayag spoke about how he first became interested in LEGO, his love for super robots like Voltes V and Voltron, and how he was eventually cited by LEGO for creating the official Voltron build that will soon be released in the market.

Filipino toy group builds masterful creations in LEGO

by Kathy Cunanan and Inez Vasquez

It began over their usual early morning coffee in 2012. Engineer Randy Protacio and Project Manager Stanley Lao, friends who have been playing with LEGO since childhood, realized that there was no accredited LEGO hobby group in the Philippines under the LUG (LEGO User Group) program of the LEGO Group in Denmark.

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