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In photo: Chikka Founder and Chief Imagination Officer, Dennis Mendiola and Chikka Chief Executive Officer, Chito Bustamante.

PHILIPPINES, AUGUST 18, 2010 – Since 2001, Chikka has touched 68 million lives worldwide by providing an easy way for families and friends to keep in touch, transforming texting into a necessary communications tool.

The latest version of the Chikka Text Messenger was launched at the Chikka Headquarters in Ortigas Center yesterday. Promoting even higher utility for the community, the new Chikka version features P1.00 replies during off-peak hours when a lot of Global Filipinos are driving message traffic to friends and loved ones mobiles in the Philippines. Unlimited text packages akin to popular UNLI packages being offered by Philippine telcos are also now available all day.

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“Chikka is more relevant than ever. We observe for example that a lot of casual messaging previously exchanged via text has shifted to the social networks. Our latest version is being released, combining the cool convenience of sending an IM message when one is on-line with the personal warmth, immediacy even urgency of receiving a message as text, instantly read on ones phone,” said Chikka founder, Dennis Mendiola.

Chikka Text Messenger version 5 will be available for download starting August 25.