Win One, Die Happy: Last chance to enter D&AD 2013!

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GLOBAL - UNITED KINGDOM - JANUARY 18, 2013 - "With the Mayans predicting the end of the world come the end of 2012, we started thinking about what was on our bucket list. Winning a D&AD Pencil came pretty high; the hardest and most prestigious award to win worldwide," shares copywriter Andrew Edelman.
D&AD has launched a new viral spot and visual campaign to promote the 51st D&AD Awards, featuring top creatives Bruce Duckworth, Martin Lambie-Nairn, Peter Souter and Laura Jordan-Bambach. Titled 'Win One, Die Happy', the spot is an irreverent poke at the creative industry’s love of the Pencil, and features the creatives content to be hurtling towards an early demise, happy in the knowledge that they’ve won at D&AD.

"So we convinced some of our past winners to let us cover them in killer bees, drown in bogs, and skydive in front of jet engines with smiles on their faces, and celebrate the 2013 awards with some jovial near death situations," Edelman added.
The visual campaign features top creatives in various states of mortal jeopardy. Tony Davidson, Agnello Dias, Stefan Seigmeister and other international luminaries feature in the campaign. 
Over the last 50 years, D&AD has celebrated outstanding design and advertising that has influenced generations of creative talent. Unlike other shows, D&AD only awards work of the highest standard, meaning that the quantity of top awards given fluctuates year on year and that D&AD juries will not award any entry if it does not merit the accolade. The scrutiny and rigor imposed by the internationally acclaimed judges is legendary, and ensures that only very best work receives the coveted Yellow and Black Pencils.
Judges for the 2013 awards have been announced and this year’s entries will be scrutinised by such Industry greats as the UK’s Ab Rogers, France’s Fred Raillard, Brazil’s Alexandre Gama, Dubai’s Shahir Zag, New Zealand’s Nick Worthington, Japan’s Morihiro Harano and digital design legend Joshua Davis from the USA among others.
Word from some of the judges: 
“At this year’s awards I will be looking for sensual, poetic, rigorous scientific solutions that demonstrate unique perception.”

Ab Rogers, creative director, design and spatial design jury forman, UK
“The next Black Pencil winner will be the piece of work that is timeless; the type of work that defines a benchmark for the future and is flawless.”

Kelly Who, creative director, AKQA Shanghai, and Digital Advertising Judge, China
"Creative heroism is when a brand dares to really do something which truly has never been done before. When a brand dares to plunge into the unknown, where there are no references, and succeeds to create ideas which redefine what advertising can be. That is creative heroism."

Andreas Malm, creative director and senior partner, Forsman & Bodenfors, and Art Direction Judge, Sweden
“I predict that the next Black Pencil will come from China.”

Gavin Simpson, chief creative officer, Ogilvy & Mather and Outdoor Advertising Judge, Malaysia
"I'm looking for the next step in editorial art direction where paper, digital, still and moving image will become one."

Susanna Cucco, partner, Boiler Corporation, and Magazine & Newspaper Design Judge, Italy
"The next Black Pencil winner will no doubt initially make me want to drown myself in my bathtub. But I'll get over it and will emerge inspired and motivated."

Jenny Glover, creative director, Net#work BBDO Johannesburg, and Radio Advertising Judge, South Africa
"The next Black Pencil winner will be the most envied beautiful interesting and admired human being on earth."

Christoph Everke, partner, Serviceplan Campaign, and Direct Judge, Germany
For information on how to enter this year’s awards, visit:
Work entered must have been commercially released between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012, and been produced in genuine response to a client brief.  Submissions should be made in their original language by January 30, 2013. The Awards cost from just £95 to enter this year.