Campaign Spotlight: Kiloutou launches the first campaign that encourages people not to buy

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PARIS, FRANCE — It’s common knowledge that, faced with today’s ecological challenges, people must learn to consume differently. in a more virtuous way. Corporations and people alike – everyone needs to adopt the right measures and do so as soon as possible.

One of the measures commonly heard about is, of course, buying less. That’s why renting is becoming trendy again and there are so many sharing solutions pop up and start-ups promoting them abound.

Kiloutou has been promoting the economic and ecological benefits of sharing for over 40 years. It’s at the heart of the European brand’s construction and DIY equipment rental business. After all, renting is, itself, the sharing of resources, and is rooted in the economy of sharing and sustainability.

KILOUTOU - concrete mixer

To promote those values in a bold way, Kiloutou, along with its agency Rosapark, is launching the first campaign that encourages people not to buy. The campaign is based on 3 online films that break the codes of traditional advertising by promoting the quality of tools that you should, above all, not buy.

KILOUTOU - Perforator

A totally unexpected action to convey a compelling message: everyone should rent if we want to speed up our transition to a more sustainable economy.

KILOUTOU - Chainsaw



External Communications Manager :
Laurence Riva Roveda
External Communications Project Manager : Dénitza Ganeva-Vernaison

Agency :
Co-founders : Jean-Patrick Chiquiar, Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco
Creative Directors : Nicolas Gadesaude and Julien Saurin
Copywriter : Julien Perrard
Art Directors: Léo Palti and Mathilde Colson
Managing Director : Delphine Drutel
Advising Director : Camille Courant
Account Manager : Clara Bizet
Strategic Planner : Sammy Lussan
Social media strategist : Cassandre Geron
Head of prod : Elodie Jonquille
TV Producer : Jeanne Panzani
Communications Director : Lauren Weber
Communications Assistant : Manon Grebert

Director : Louis Farge
DOP : René-Pierre Rouaux
1st Assistant Director : Vincent Dedina
Chief Stylist and Decorator: Jérôme Daudel
Casting Director : Luce Nordmann
Hair-Make up : Sandra Lamzabi
Producer : Ingrid Le Minh
Regisseur : Clément Furic
Post-Production : DONE

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