Comics: Get to know why ‘Y The Last Man’ comic is a great read

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — The new show Y The Last Man is based on the DC series (originally under the Vertigo line of comics) of the same name. Written by Brian K. Vaughan and mostly illustrated by Pia Guerra, Y was considered by one of the critically-acclaimed titles of the early 2000s. Comic Book Guy JV breaks down all the reasons Y:

The “Gendercide” Premise – In a world where all the males suddenly die from a mystery plague, Yorick Brown is the lone survivor (plus pet monkey Ampersand, the only male animal alive). What may seem like a hormonal teenage boy’s fantasy is Yorick’s dystopian nightmare – while the majority of women see him as the cure to the plague, some want to rape him to ensure mankind’s survival, and others want to kill him as he represents the last remnant of the patriarchy. Complicating matters further is the complete breakdown in society (as mostly men managed infrastructure, transportation, and the economy, women come in to glue back the pieces). Vaughan and Guerra came up with a terrifying reality that is a single monstrous step away from ours.

Alas. Poor Yorick – Yorick is not exactly the most charismatic protagonist but his character evolution throughout the series is fascinating to watch. His pop culture jokes do lighten the mood though but at other times he comes across as obnoxious. He’s a slacker who dreams of making it big as an escape artist and when he becomes the last man, he’s able to put those skills to good use staying one step ahead of the various forces who want to capture/kill him. He also struggles with his self-worth and survivor’s guilt, wondering why fate has chosen him to save the world. Yorick’s growth as a man where there are no other men is what makes this story so compelling.

The Relentless Suspense – Whether it’s the mission to solve the mystery of what killed all the men on Earth or Yorick’s quest to be reunited with his fiancé, Y The Last Man is a Master Class in tension and cliffhanger endings! Nearly every issue of the series ends on a twist that you didn’t see coming, making it one of the few comic book titles that are bingeworthy! We strongly recommend that you purchase the entire series (it’s available in trades and omnibus format) first before you start reading! Otherwise, you’re gonna find yourself scrambling to find the remaining books!

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