Events: Celebrating the Excellence in Eco-Responsible Packaging Design at the BeyondPlastic Award 2020

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The global online platform for eco-designed packaging solutions BEYONDPLASTIC.NET announces the hosting of the BEYONDPLASTIC AWARD 2020. The Award’s motto is: Let us design and create eco-responsible packages and transform plastic products into solutions made of environmentally sound materials!

The Award will honor the innovation and creativity in sustainable packaging design in three categories: I. Most practical impact to reduce the use of plastics, II. Most innovative approach and III. Most beautiful solution. For each category there will be a Gold, Silver and Bronze Award with trophies and cash prizes.

Who can participate? The Award is directed towards students, designers, engineers, makers, creators, inventors, artists: Everyone who has an idea, concept, project, prototype or even a solution already in market which supports less plastic packages is welcome to take part. It can either be an entry which replaces an existing environmentally non-responsible package or it can be a completely new solution.

The entries will be judged and selected by a jury panel and the winners will be announced and celebrated at the Award Ceremony in May 2020. For details how to participate go to

BEYONDPLASTIC.NET is a global initiative dedicated to reduce the use of single-use plastic products in order to decrease plastic pollution which is littering landmass, entering water streams and presenting an increasing risk to human and environmental health worldwide. In 2019 it launched as an online platform for environmentalists, packaging designers & engineers and companies to present and exchange ideas, concepts and products of eco-responsible packaging solutions replacing plastic packages. It is initiated by Ulrich Krzyminski – entrepreneur, engineer & inventor – who has an industry insight in the printing & packaging industry.

Motto: Let us work together for a world with less plastic!

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