People: Stephanie Balois-Guerrero joins Evident as their new COO

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MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Brand veteran and mom Stephanie Balois-Guerrero joins Evident Integrated Marketing and PR as Chief Operating Officer.

Bringing with her 17 years of marketing and operations experience, Stephanie has held senior management roles in multinational companies such as Unilever, AXA, Tim Hortons and Uber.

A Harvard Business School alumna, Stephanie shares her vision for scaling Evident as a communications firm while juggling her duties as a mother and an adjunct professor at the Asian Institute of Management:

Q: What do you like the most about working in Evident?
A: What I like most about working in Evident is working with amazing, intelligent people. Everyone has the hustle and the grit, balanced by empathy and teamwork. This is something you don’t see everyday. There is never a dull moment at Evident. That, coupled with the fact that I work from home, have flexible hours and have parental leaves makes working at Evident excellent for me.

Q: What about the communications world fascinates you the most?
A: Helping our clients discover their why and understand how best to communicate it is what fascinates me the most. I’ve found that if these are clearly defined, the work we do goes beyond just a campaign, but it changes lives. A great example of this was the work we did with the Fred Hollows Foundation with our Lusog Mata: Eyecheck ang Pamilya campaign which resulted in 162 free cataract surgeries and 3,900 prescription lenses – changing the lives of around 4,100 people.

Q: What are your long-term plans for Evident?
A: My goal for Evident is to improve its internal efficiency and strengthen its current Brand Strategy and Digital Marketing business and grow the eSports Marketing business. I want Evident to be known for these services, particularly in eSports, where I think we have the capability to be the best in the country. I’m really excited about this, especially with the work we are already doing for ONIC PH and Moonton for the current Mobile Legends MPL Season.

Q: You are a mom boss, how do you balance your work and personal life?
A: I make sure I have time for work, my family and myself. I make sure I have my daily walks and prayers in the morning and this is what I consider as time for myself. I’m very focused when I work so I can finish things quickly and completely. It’s something I’ve trained myself to do, because if I don’t, then I miss out on time for my family or myself…or sleep. Once the work day is done, my time is 100% for my family.

Q: What do your kids think of your work?
A: My kids don’t really understand what I do since they are both toddlers, and it’s not as easy to explain to them as a doctor or firefighter. What they do know is that Mommy needs to work so we can provide for their food, clothes and school. When they come to my home office and I’m in a meeting, they take a peek at who I’m speaking with and decide if they want to stay or leave. They do know when I’ve been working overtime though. They know that 5:30 onwards is their time so I have to make sure everything is done by then.

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